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Could use some work.

Overall, this track could use some work. There is potential in an unorthodox track like this (and I mean that in a good way). I don't know whether you were trying to achieve the trance feel or were going for something different, but since you titled it as such, I'll make the assumption. :]

Straight up, I don't feel the trance, and that's more a problem with the composition itself rather than the production. Trance is often very melodic, making good use of minor keys and (pretty much) always harmonizing chords and melodies to achieve that surreal, emotional sound. While this track is certainly melodic, and even energetic, they aren't cutting it. As I said before, whether this was what you were really trying to go for, I don't know, but I thought I'd give my two cents there.

On the production side, you have a very clean and pleasant mix, but it needs more variation. For example, the lead saw is carrying the listener throughout the entire track -- you use it extensively, but with its ever-present sound, it gets dull and even transparent after a while. You need to change it up a bit: filter sweeps, chorusing, and/or things to slightly vary the sound signature a bit to keep the listener on their toes. Spend more time making your mix interesting and dynamic, rather than just getting your sounds and composition in and calling it a day.

Anyway, I said a bunch, but I hope this helps. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Excellent track.

This is definitely one of the better trance pieces on NG. With high quality sounds, a powerful kick, and a bitchin' bassline, you have something going on with this track, even if you aren't satisfied with the way it came out.

The only issues I can see with this track are more on the mastering and production side of things. While more a matter of personal taste, the clap/snare is unusually loud, oftentimes getting in the way of other sounds that are going on at the same time. Your individual tracks/instruments could use some more compression and EQ'ing as well to let everything sit well within each other, producing a much cleaner overall mix.

Looking forward to hearing more stuff from you.

wige23 responds:

Thanks for your review! Yeah the master came out whack, oh well. XD Hoping to fix it on the next track :D

On re-listening the clap was a little obnoxious jsut now...Darn headphones/speakers change the way it sounds when creating it haha

Thanks again!

Good stuff!

Very catchy and trance-like melody indeed. Props to your girlfriend and props to your sharp remixing skills.

All is not perfect, however, especially on the production and mastering side. While your sounds and sophisticated and outstanding, a lot of them are clashing each other for the overall sound space. This is a consequence of inadequate or no mastering, especially in the form of compression and EQ'ing, among other things. Spend more time touching up your individual tracks (as well as the final mix) to get that powerful, balanced and clean sound that will please your listeners' ears for ages to come.

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